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BIOMAIN is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and markets individual restoration solutions in dentistry employing the state of the art CAD/CAM technologies. The company offers high-level products by computerized manufacturing utilizing high control standards of CAD/CAM systems.
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SimPlant is the most advanced software in the world for planning computer-guided dental implants. With SimPlant the doctor plans the treatment on the computer. According to the planning a surgical guide is fabricated. The Surgical guide ensures accurate positioning of the implants during the surgery .The software and the surgical guide supply significant advantages to both the dentist and the patient. For more information, click here 


Dr Robert Sreter

"I enjoy working with Simplant and the HApro team because of their professionalism and dedication to excellence. I have found the Simplant technique to be extremely useful in treatment planning and in risk reduction."

Dr Haim Whesler

"SimPlant- Predictable, well tolerated by patients, Time saving. What you Plan is What you get"

Dr Abed El Kader

"SimPlant is my GPS -gives me great accuracy "

Dr Dani Maler

"Planning with SimPlant is the best way to give my patients what they want."

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