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Navigator cases





  Prof Martin Gross:   “Full Safe Navigator” SurgiGuide mucosa supported.
               Immediate loading with temporary angulated abutments & temporary acrylic restoration.
               Final bridge “Biomain, I-Bridge” Planning with tilted implants to avoid bilateral sinus lift.











Dr. Ehud Teperovich, solution for 2 implants in the proximity of the mandibular canal using the new Tapered Navigator System from BIOMET3i.










 Dr Cobi Landsberg - Placement of three 3i implants above the mandibular nerve with a predictable and safe result using  3i Navigator 










  Dr. Ehud Teperovich, Placement of 10 parallel implants in the mandible using bone supported SurgiGuide and the Cylindrical Navigator Kit









Dr. Ziv Mazor, Placement of 3 implants buccal and lingual to the mandibular nerve canal with the aid of Simplant Navigator and Biomet 3i Implants.




 Dr. Abed ElKadar, 4 implants using a teeth-supported BIOMET3i Navigator SurgiGuide.




   Prof Oded Nachlieli & Dr Eli Michaeli:  Endoscopic verification of closed sinus lift enables predictable flapless surgery    with immediate loading using Simplant Navigator.









Dr Ronen Dekalo- Bone supported SG for the placement of two parallel implants











Dr Ehud Teperovich- Advantages of 3D visualization for the placement of a single implant in close proximity to the mandibular nerve











Dr Ehud Teperovich- Tooth supported SG with "Flap procedure" for the preservation of attached gingiva











Dr Abed El Kader- 3 Cases using the 3i Navigator Kit

       Case 1:   Placement of two parallel implants above the mandibular nerve with a predictable and safe result using 3i Navigator.

       Case 2:  Prevention of sinus evaluation with Simplant planning and Navigator protocol.

       Case3:   Planning of single implant adjacent to the mandibular nerve, bone density with the Simplant software enables correct
                     surgical protocol. 



 Dr Ronen Dekalo: Comparison of the use of intra-oral scanner and optical scanner in conjunction with SimPlant Software.
       Safe SurgiGuide for single tooth..









Dr Ehud Teperovich:   Three parallel implants  with bone reduction made possible with Simplant software 
               and Biomet 3i Navigator kit










 Dr Ronen Dekalo:  Safe Navigator Mucosa supported SurgiGuide with immediate restoration  on 6 implants.









Dr Cobi Landsberg:  Safe Navigator bone supported SurgiGuide for 3 implants









 Dr Robert Sreter:   Safe bone supported SurgiGuide. Correct placement of 20 degree angulated GingiHue posts and immediate temporary bridge made possible with Biomet 3i Navigator.








  Dr Ehud Teperovich:    Closed sinus lift protocol simplified with the aid of bone supported Navigator SurgiGuide allowing for precise placement of B3i implants  .











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