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SimPlant Cases

Presentations on the site are in PDF format. To view the files, you should have the "Adobe reader" software, which is a free software to download and to use. To download the software click here. 



Professor Martin Gross- Safe SurgiGuide, Mucosa Supported 6 Implants immediate loading flap less Surgery + I-BRIDGE Final Restoration





Dr Ronen Dekalo- Safe SurgiGuide ,Mucosa supported 6 Implants .





 Dr Cobi Landsberg - Safe SurgiGuide Bone Supported 3 Implants






 Professor Oded Nachlieli & Dr Eli Michaeli - Safe Surgiguide Teeth Supported
 2 Implants Imeediate loading  





 Dr Robert Sreter- Safe SurgiGuide Bone Supported 11 Implants






 Dr Ehud Teperovitch- Safe SurgiGuide Bone Supported
 9 Implants With close Sinus lift through the guide





 Dr Haim Whesler - Universal SurgiGuide 2 Implants with Zimmer 







Dr Abed El Kader- Universal SurgiGuide 2 Implants Immediate Loading






 Dr Hani Rabea 
Mandible -Universal Bone Supported SurgiGuide Immediate Loading 6 Zimmer Implants
               Maxilla- Universal Muccosa Supported SurgiGuide Immediate Loading 6 Zimmer Implants






Dr Beni Oz Ari - Universal SurgiGuide 6 Implants Planned with Virtual Extraction






 Dr Ehud Teperovitch - Pilot SurgiGuide 3 Implants






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